Proud of My Sis

SOOOO proud of my big sister! In December 2013, she was feeling ill and was very scared. But since changing her diet in January 2014, all of her blood work is now normal!

What she did: 

  • She began eating more eggs and her cholesterol went DOWN!
  • She has greatly reduced grains & sugar and her A1C is PERFECT.
  • She is eating cleaner, more nutritious foods, and her liver enzymes are now within NORMAL LIMITS – she is reversing her liver damage!
  • As a bonus, she also lost weight, feels great, and looks super healthy and beautiful! Go sis!!
Test January 2014 Results August 2014 Results (7 mos. later)
HDL 43 54 (high is good)
LDL 173 127 (low is good)
Cholesterol Total 236 193
Triglycerides 98 59
A1C Unknown 5.0
Liver Enzymes (AST) 34 18 (within normal limits)

Liver Enzymes (ALT)


18 (within normal limits)

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