The following are a few products or suppliers that I love. More coming soon.

For specialty ORGANIC and FAIR TRADE coffee that is freshly roasted from clean beans grown in small lots, visit Square Feet Specialty Coffee Roasting. Choose among the best coffee regions and get your beans custom roasted to order. Request lighter or darker roasting, or lower acidity, or select certified mold/mycotoxin free or water-processed decaf (it doesn’t taste like decaf!)

For high quality supplements, personal care products, and pet care items, click here to get 20% off at my Fullscript dispensary.
You can browse and purchase these items directly, or I can help you identify which items may be right for your individual needs.  

I use honey instead of table sugar for baking, cooking, and snacking. I discovered Sweet Sophia at a local fair a few years ago. Their creamed honey is my favorite treat to spread on slices of apples and Manchego cheese. They offer so many great treats and healthcare products, too.

Instead of deriving intense flavors from food additives, artificial flavorings, and unhealthy sugars/fats/carbs typically found in processed foods, we can create so much magnificent flavor by using spices, herbs, citrus, and other real whole food items. I love to shop at Mountain Rose Herbs for my bulk herbs and spices; their products are clean, fresh, organic, delicious, and fairly priced. I also love to make all my own interesting spice mixes, such as garam masala, taco seasoning, chicken wing spice rub, blackening seasoning, curry powder, etc. 

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