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“Against the Grain” podcast – Rapid Response to Diet for Colitis: Stephanie Colo Manning”

I was interviewed by Dr. Samir Kakodkar on how I achieved IBD remission via diet. Dr. Kakodkar is a Gastroenterologist and Asst. Professor of Medicine at Rust University in Chicago. He specializes in digestive diseases and IBD.

Rapid response to Diet for Colitis: Stephanie Colo Manning

by Samir Kakodkar (Against the Grain)


Foods for Fighting Hypertension (with recipe)

Hypertension (high blood pressure) affects one in three adults, and only half of them have it under control. Hypertension makes the heart and arteries work harder, damages blood vessels, and often indicates “hardening of the arteries”. Therefore, it puts people at high risk for heart attack, stroke, aneurisms, and kidney failure. Blood pressure drugs carry unpleasant side effects, are not always effective, and deplete the very nutrients needed for maintaining healthy blood pressure. Common remedies such as salt restriction, weight loss, exercise, and reducing stress/tobacco/alcohol are well advised, but let’s look even deeper at ways to gain better control of blood pressure.

(Reflections Magazine, Fall 2019 issue)

A Healthier Way to Gluten Free

Why are so many going gluten free? When can gluten free become unhealthy? How to select gluten free foods without compromising your body’s health.

(Reflections Magazine, Summer 2019 issue)

Controlling Inflammation & Osteoarthritis

Inflammation is a powerful component of osteoarthritis. By understanding more, we can see many opportunities for better control of both.

(Reflections Magazine, Spring 2019 issue)

Stress and the Mind-Body-Spirit

What happens beneath the surface when we’re stressed? A natural survival mechanism – the “stress response” – kicks in. Discover exactly how stress can dramatically shift our hormones and damage our health and consider some practical solutions for rebalancing the stressed out mind, body, and spirit.

(Reflections Magazine, Winter 2018 issue)

Three Stress Coping Techniques

As a survival mechanism, stress triggers our “fight-or-flight” response, releasing hormones that substantially shift our body functions. This protects us during emergencies but can destroy our health when constantly activated. Stress coping techniques, therefore, are so important for re-balancing our hormones before wreaking havoc on our mind, body, and spirit. Our goal for coping with stress can’t be to “get rid of stress”. Our goal must be to face stress, develop relaxation techniques, and learn to adapt, which may mean changing the way we think and feel. Here are three relaxation/adaptation techniques that I hope you’ll find helpful.

(Reflections Magazine, Fall 2018 issue)

Itching Insanity: How a Neighbor Naturally Resolved Candida, Leaky Gut, and Food Sensitivities

River Creek resident Mary (not her real name) shares her story about a terrible, itchy rash that tormented her day and night, the depression that followed, and how she naturally resolved the root causes.

(Reflections Magazine, Summer 2018 issue)

Overcoming IBS

Recent research provides hope for people with ongoing symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Researchers are gaining a better under- standing of IBS and discovering com- mon root causes. This presents oppor- tunities to more effectively manage IBS for long-term relief.

(Reflections Magazine, Spring 2018 issue)

Love Your Liver: Simple Everyday Detox

Our amazing liver works diligently to keep toxins from impacting our lives. Everyday exposures, however, can outpace its ability to keep up. By building simple daily habits and giving our liver basic necessary tools, we can reduce toxic accumulation and improve a multitude of common symptoms.
(Reflections Magazine, Winter 2017 issue)

Got GERD? True Causes of Reflux & Heartburn

We routinely turn to acid-reducing medications for reflux and heartburn, yet most people with GERD aren’t producing excess stomach acid in the first place. In fact, good, strong stomach acid is crucial for good digestion, and long-term use of acid-reducers can promote serious problems. GERD usually stems from other issues and we may better support long-term health by tackling its true root causes.
(Reflections Magazine, Fall 2017 issue)

What is Functional Medicine?

With the rise in chronic health conditions, many people are turning to Functional
Medicine in search of true, long-term wellness. In doing so, they move away from
symptom-suppressing medications in favor of addressing root causes of their
illness and supporting the body’s natural healing process. (Read complete)

(Article #2) How Functional Medicine Changed Our Lives

We are two moms living in Northern Virginia with a story in common. We were both unable to control our chronic health conditions with prescription medications that modern medicine says should work. (Read complete)

Autoimmune Diseases: Root Causes & What We Can Do

Autoimmunity seems to be everywhere. More people are suffering with autoimmunity than with all cancer and heart disease combined. By getting to the root causes, autoimmunity can possibly be halted and repaired; prescription medications and surgery may not be our only options. Autoimmunity is a complex topic and scientific research is ongoing. In this article, I share what knowledge I’ve accumulated, but I encourage you to speak with your practitioner prior to adopting any changes.
(Reflections Magazine, Summer 2017 issue)

A Calorie Isn't a Calorie

Conventional wisdom tells us that weight loss comes with fewer Calories and more exercise. Some say it has more to do with hormones. Others point to genes, stress, and toxins. This article examines how the quality of our food is a powerful common denominator to all these factors and more.
(Reflections Magazine, Spring 2017 issue)

Reach Within Yourself for Motivation & Change

How do we evoke our own natural motivations – our own readiness – for dietary (or any other) change? This article walks you through how you can reach within yourself to transition through the five stages of change. To do what’s truly important to you. “Begin and you’ll be half done.”
(Reflections Magazine, Winter 2016/17 issue)

Loudoun Farmers: “Why Buy Local?

Farmers’ views on how soil, ripeness, and growing practices affect produce quality, how animal-raising practices affects meat and egg quality, and why some farmers got into farming in the first place.
(Reflections Magazine, Fall 2016 issue)

Building Better Bones

We tend to delay thoughts of bone health until our later years, but now is the time to build solid bones and protect them.
(Reflections Magazine, Summer 2016 issue)

Sugar Sense

Much more than cavities and diabetes, sugar feeds cancer, heart disease, liver disease, autoimmune disease, reflux, anxiety and so much more. I count out for you exactly how many teaspoons our teens are eating in their typical meals. I then provide ideas on breaking free of sugar cravings and examples on how we can protect our kids.
(Reflections Magazine, Spring 2016 issue)


15 Neighbors Take a Whole Food Challenge

I led 15 people through a brave experiment: dumping processed and refined food for two weeks in favor of only real, whole food. In just two weeks (and with only partial compliance) their mood, energy and concentration tremendously improved, and chronic symptoms evaporated!
Reflections Magazine, Winter 2015 issue)

Avoiding MSG: Reclaiming our Youth, Mind and Weight

Traditional, delicious, youth-preserving foods vital to our beauty and well-being have evaporated from American diets. In their place, MSG infiltrated our pantries and began tricking our taste buds, stealing our brain health, and adding on pounds. Identifying MSG on processed food labels has become a game of “Where’s Waldo” – always there, but not easy to find. (Reflections Magazine, Fall 2015 issue)

Good Fat - Bad Fat: Why I Dumped Canola Oil & Bought a Cow

Fat is good for us! Difference between good and bad fats, avoiding highly processed oils, what foods contain which fats. (Reflections Magazine, Summer 2015 issue)


Nourishing the Roots of our Tree

Leaky Gut Syndrome and Dysbiosis – why nurturing the gut is fundamental to preventing and resolving everyday symptoms and many chronic illnesses.
Reflections Magazine, Spring 2015 issue)

"The Bucket Theory: Transitioning to an 85/15 Way of Eating"

Viewing our health as a bucket that could overflow if not managed, and discussion on the 85/15 way of eating.
Reflections Magazine, Winter 2014 issue)

Diet Does Matter: How Eating the Right Foods Can Alter Your Life

My full story! My first publication on the topic, I was nervous and excited at the same time!
Reflections Magazine, Fall 2014 issue)


The Way I See Food

My philosophy on falling back in love with real food.


Town of Leesburg Proclamation & Press Release

In community outreach efforts, I am Co-Director of the Food For Thought Initiative (FFTI). I was proud to accept this Proclamation on behalf of FFTI and Dr. Martha Calihan, who is co-sponsoring the Town of Leesburg’s community screening of FED UP.

Leesburg Today, Lifestyle Section

Terrific feature article covering Feb 4 Skip Sugar Day, Fed Up screening, and Farmer’s Market. Discusses Food For Thought Initiative’s background and goals. Also includes Dr. Martha Calihan’s Five Stones Institute as our partner. Thanks, Jan Mercker for a well-done article!

Loudoun Times Mirror, Health Section - Joe Motheral discusses

“Food For Thought Initiative” was featured in Joe Motheral’s weekly neighborhood column, discussing screening of “FED UP,” advocating real, whole, nutrient dense food, and limiting sugar and processed food.

Loudoun Times Mirror, Column

“Food for Thought Initiative’s” advocacy of eating more the way our grandparents did: Real, whole, nutrient-dense food close to it’s original form, and reducing processed and refined food, loaded with sugar and unhealthy additives. With quotes by Dr. Martha Calihan on the long-term effects of the Standard American Diet.


Proud of My Sis

Personal account of how my sister improved her health through diet.

Proud of My Husband

Personal account of how my husband improved his health through diet.

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