Proud of My Husband


Here is another real-life example of how doing your own research about healthy eating can pay off:

Two years ago, my husband had high cholesterol, so he began to follow all the standard recommendations: 

  • He decreased his consumption of eggs and meat
  • He started eating more oatmeal
  • He exercised more

But much to his surprise, after one year of following standard recommendations, his cholesterol got worse!

So, after reading more current and sound scientific research, here’s what he decided to do:

  • He increased his egg consumption to nearly every day
  • He removed gluten from his diet
  • He significantly reduced his intake of all grains and sugar
  • He increased his consumption of high quality meats, vegetables and fruits
  • His exercise has remained about the same

Result: One year later, his cholesterol levels were reduced to normal!

Moral of the Story: Be your own advocate and if conventional wisdom is not working for you, question it.

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